What Does A Newly Opened Repair Shop Need?

Blake Jul 13, 2019

"a cellphone in the U.S. breaks every two seconds", reported by SquareTrade, a company that insures smartphones. Thirty percent of cellphone owners will damage their phones in the next 12 months, and one in 10 are currently using a phone with a cracked screen. That is to say, even cell phone shipments are approaching saturation, the market capacity of the repair industry remains large.

How many repair tools do I need to have? You may think about the problem when you prepare to open a repair shop. REWA repair technicians with 10+ years of experience have classified repair tools needed into three main categories as following:

Parts Replacement Tools

Parts Replacement Tools

Logic Board Soldering Tools

Logic Board Soldering Tools

Logic Board Advanced Repair Tools

Logic Board Advanced Repair Tools

Communication Maintenance Power Supply

The communication maintenance power supply is used for logic board repairing and booting test. The communication maintenance power supply is matched with Apple iPhone 4 - XS Max power supply test cable.

Hot Air Gun Rework station - 2008

The Hot Air Gun Rework station - 2008 is suitable for a variety of components. such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA (especially suitable for soldering of circuits and flex cable). The three tools are used to solve the problem that the repair shop faced every day.

What repairs you can do with the Parts Replacement Tools?

Replace the screen/battery/back battery cover/flex cable/ear speaker and diagnosis whether can power on, etc..

What repairs you can do with the Logic Board Soldering Tools?

Replace the IC/connector Not turning on diagnosing Replace the screen/battery/back battery cover/flex cable/ear speaker, etc..

What repairs you can do with the Logic Board Advanced Repair Tools?

Upgrade storage, unlock logic board repair, NAND repair, etc..

Repair Case Example: "I have lost all the files on my iPhone. The pictures, messages, contacts, and files are very important to me, can you recover the data?" How to recover the data? Let's take iPhone X data recovery from dead motherboard an example.

Data recovery with iCloud

For phones with iCloud backup, you can recover the data from the iCloud.

Data recovery with software

For carelessly deleted data of phones in good conditions, you can recover the data with the help of some software.

Data recovery with hardware

However, if the two methods don’t work. How to recover data from a dead logic board?

Step 1. Use screwdrivers and straight tweezers to detach the dead logic board from the iPhone. And then attach the dead logic board to the PCB holder.

Step 2. Detach the A8 CPU, EEPROM, and NAND Flash from the dead logic board. Please deal with these chips carefully. Because the three well-performed chips are a must of successful data recovery.

Step 3. Use the Soldering iron and the razor blade to clean the three detached chips. Rosin, BGA paste flux and PCB cleaner are also needed during the process. Step 4. Complete BGA reballing with the help of the hot air gun rework station, BGA reballing stencil, and straight tweezers.

Step 5. Detach the A8 CPU, NAND Flash, EEPROM from the new logic board.

Step 6. Transplant chips detached from the dead logic board to the new logic board.

Step 7. Get the logic board installed and test whether the data has been recovered successfully.

Repair Tools Used:


Razor Blade


PCB Holder

Soldering Wick

Soldering Paste

BGA Paste Flux

PCB cleaner

Cutting Nipper

Digital Multimeter

Side Glue Cleaner/Remover

BGA Reballing Stencil

Straight Tweezers

Aluminum Foil Sticker

Desoldering Wicks

LCD Opening Pliers

Stainless Steel BGA Scraper

Soldering Iron Rework Station

Hot Air Gun Rework Station

Insulation Mat for Maintenance Platform


1. There are possible risks for the logic board data recovery process.

2. Skilled repair techs are required for the operation.

3. The fallen pads are empty pads which do not affect the function.

4. Apple's official after-sales support does not accept the phone repaired by third-parties.

5. The data can not be recovered if one of these three chips (CPU, NAND Flash, EEPROM) is broken.

6. This cellphone is still calling failed until this step because the whole process is for data recovery only. The phone may be faced up with some other problems. Here is a video guide for your reference:

It has always been our aim to power your repair business. For quick ordering, please visit our online shop - shop.rewa.tech. Any questions and suggestions please feel free to contact sales@rewatechnology.com.

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