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REWA 08/08/2018

When the Team Building Activity begins every mid-year, REWA is full of motivations and challenges. Through a series of planned teamwork tasks of scavenger hunt completing, team show performance, basketball roller coaster building and team dinner cooking that are fun and motivational, teams build skills like communication, planning, problem-solving and conflict resolution are greatly improved. These activities not only encourage collaboration and teamwork but also get REWAERS together and help us see each other in different ways, which implicates us at our workplace too.

Scavenger hunt

In different locations, different tasks have to be completed to eventually reach the desired goal. With different strategies, all the teams fight for one goal. We run to find the task destinations and complete the challenges with our team members. Then the next destination... At last, conquering all the barriers and difficulties, we all made it.

Part of REWA CulturePart of REWA Culture

Dancing & Catwalk show

All the REWAERS are divided into groups. Some perform catwalk show and some learn the latest Tik Tok craze dance like“Seaweed dance”, “Learn to Meow” and Dura dance. With its humorous dance move and cheerful lyrics, this performance brings us a lot of fun. Everybody enjoys themselves and did a great team work together.

Part of REWA CulturePart of REWA Culture

Basketball roller coaster model building

This task seems the most difficult part. We need to build a model roller coaster within 2 hours using only pipes and cutting pliers. And after completion, the orbital model should transport at least 2 basketball along its track from top to tail. At first, we are all at a loss and have no ideas how to start. Then someone tries to do something and others come to help. After a while, we saw a basic shape coming out and we know we are going to make it. Through our efforts, the model is completed and enables the basketball to pass through.

Part of REWA CulturePart of REWA Culture

Team dinner cooking

With limited ingredients and tools, we need to exploit the potentialities of everyone. It turns out we are all chefs. See the dumplings in different shapes and the dishes with exquisite designs.

Part of REWA CulturePart of REWA Culture

I believe it was a happy and meaningful day for our REWAERS. We learn from each other, and we know each other better. We become a more dynamic and cohesive group.

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