iPhone 7 keeps crashing. Is it necessary to update to iOS 15?

Blake Jun 17, 2021

Apple released the new iOS 15 at the previous event. Compared to iOS 14, iOS 15 hasn’t changed a lot. iOS 15 is actually another version of the iOS 14, and there is not much major update.

Perhaps the update is relatively small. The models supported by iOS 14 have also continued to iOS 15, and the iPhone 6S released six years ago is also within the update. iPhone 6s is the first 2GB running memory of Apple. This device has passed seven major updates which are the most updates of smartphone in the world. The following iPhone 7 in the late year is naturally updated.

However, many people recently said that the iPhone 7's crashing problem is very serious. Will iOS 15 updates make things better?

If your iPhone 7 still uses the old system, then there is no need to update, because the old system is relatively low for system resources. New systems such as iOS 14, iOS 15 introduce more designs, so the resource consumption will be higher. The experience after the update may be relatively poor, so it is not recommended to update.

If your iPhone 7 with iOS 14 is crashing, then you can update to iOS 15 for a try. The differences between these two systems are not very big, but iOS 15 has made a lot of optimization and bug fixes for previous versions. Therefore the experience after the update may be better. But it should be noted that iOS 15 is still a beta version, there is still an unstable phenomenon.

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