Is iPhone Screen Repair Too Expensive?

Blake Nov 01, 2018

You just dropped your iPhone and the cracks appeared on your screen. How ubiquitous these kinds of scenes are. While you have no choice but face the reality. The case should be more complicated when you do not have any insurance covered, because you will get an eye-watering price if you turn to Apple official support.

Given that the smart phone has already gone into a mature stage, you would have thought the price of display would have gone done with time. However, The price of iPhone LCD screen digitizer has been persistently high.

Let’s check the Apple official quotes for reference to see how much you will cost for your broken screen.

iPhone Screen Repair Too Expensive

Apple official Quotes for Screen Repair[/caption] If you have Apple Care+(with additional repair coverage and technical support) and within the coverage, you only have to pay $29 to save your cracked iPhone screen. A couple of years after purchasing, you have to shell out full fund to get it repaired. From the official data, we can see that it takes $329 to repair a broken iPhone Xs Max screen when it is out of warranty. Worse still, Apple will charge you extra repair fee if there are any physical damages, and this seems to be often.

Therefore, how to get your cracked phone repaired at a more reasonable price? Third party repair shop is a good choice. Since iPhone is so popular and many third party repair stores can offer relative replacements or iPhone glass only repair services. Compared with Apple official, these repair stores offer you a various choice from general to a high level both in quality and price, and you can also get OEM parts and components. Whereas, there are still some small barriers, for instance, Apple disabled true-tone function after screen replacement by third-party repair shops.

iPhone Screen Repair Too Expensive

To some degree, repair services from the third party are more convenient and faster. It’s unworthy to afford a pretty penny and tired to wait for a long time to get back your iPhone screen. While, still, third party repair will void your Apple warranty. If you definitely mind the warranty or have some concerns, it would be better to turn to Apple Service Center. For solution from the third party, it is critically important to choose a reliable and reputable repair store.

How would you like to get your broken screen repaired? Do you prefer reviving your iPhone with Apple Service Center with official support in a high price or taking it to a third party repair shop for a cost-effective service? Share us your ideas.

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