Producing Process of Tianma LCD Screen Assembly

Blake Jul 05, 2017

Nowadays, with more and more Tianma-made iPhone LCD screen assembly springing up in the market, comparison reports on OEM and China-made are also overwhelming the repair market. The truth is that they do differ from each other, but Tianma-made iPhone LCD screen assembly can also be a good replacement for iPhone OEM screen and Samsung S7 edge glass replacement.Interested in the producing process of high-quality Tianma-made iPhone LCD screen assembly? REWA unveils the industrial secret for you.

In-depth study of engineers contributes to the development of compatible LCD panel driver and further more the manufacture scheme. According to the scheme, Panel factories (TM/BOE/AUO/IVO etc.) will then arrange production and marketing of LCM to the laminating factories. This blog covers the laminating and assembling procedure of TM LCD screen assembly just after the LCM status.

Workshop IntroductionThe producing process of Tianma-made iPhone LCD screen assembly is completed with the cooperation of different workshops like IPQC Workshop, Assembling Workshop and Laminating Clean Room etc.. Accompanied with respective yet consecutive procedures like IPQC, touch screen laminating, the bubble removing, FPC bonding and bezel assembling etc..

IPQCRun display test on LCD modules to avoid quality defects like screen lines and flickering.

Run cosmetic inspection on touch screen assemblies to avoid quality defects like scratch and dust.

After that, finish OCA laminating process.Auto LaminatingAuto LCD Screen Laminating Machine

Put touch screen assemblies and LCD modules on corresponding windows respectively. Optical aligning goes first, then the Laminating platform for laminating process.
Producing Process of Tianma-made iPhone LCD Screen Assembly
Producing Process of Tianma-made iPhone LCD Screen Assembly All laminated LCD assemblies are transferred and then placed on the dedicated trays.

Bubble Removing

Put all LCD assembly loaded trays into the bubble removing the machine and place the trays crossly for best performance. Set relative parameter and then activate the machine.

Once bubble removing process finished, take out the trays.

FPC Bonding

The First thing during this process is to attach protective films to the LCD assemblies to avoid damage during the processing. Then attach protective gum paper, ACF glue and complete heat curing.

Finish flex cable aligning under the light and complete FOF bonding with the Pulse Flex Cable Bonding Machine.

Once finished, move on to backlight flex cable soldering and once all has been done, run touch function test.

Bezel Preparation

Run cosmetic inspection of the bezel first. Then clean the sticking-joint with the Plasma cleaning machine for better adhering and complete fluid dispensing process with the Fluid Dispensing machine


Bezel Assembling

Assemble the processed LCD displays with bezels by aligning strictly. Then place all assembled LCD displays into the dedicated laminating mold and complete bezel assembling with the Bezel Assemble Machin


Clean glue residue after the bezel assembling process.

Components Assembling & Finish-up

Attach new protective film to the LCD assembly first. Then adhere the camera support and other components to the LCD assembly.

Run the final test of 3D touch, touch function and display to ensure the quality.

Attach protective gum paper, seal QC PASS stamp and clean the screen.

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