REWA Mobile Phone LCD Refurbishing Solution V3.0

Blake Dec 14, 2016

A refurbished mobile phone LCD can save you a significant amount of money, and reduce environmental impact as compared to buying a brand-new one. So more and more people start doing LCD refurbishing business now, especially for iPhone LCD refurbish and Samsung Broken screen refurbish. As a result, so many machines for LCD refurbishing spring up like mushrooms on the market. You may be very confused to select these machines. Please don’t worry, REWA provides upgraded solutions to meet different customer’s demands for mobile phone glass only repair: from repair shops to refurbish factories of various sizes.

We launched a mobile phone LCD refurbishing solution v2.0 last time. And also get feedback from our customers who deal with broken screen refurbishing. All of them get the most applicable solutions suitable for themselves.

As technology develops, there are higher efficiency replacement machines in the market, which are time-saving, easy operation and higher performance. Now we have upgraded v3.0 solution for you.

Let’s have a look at the differences.

Primary Solution

Machines: 4pcs  3pcs

5 in 1 LCD Separator with Vacuum Pump Built-in, 

Manual OCA/POL Film Laminator - Vacuum Version, 

Vacuum Glass Laminating and Bubble Removing Machine

Weight: 127KG 75KG

Amount: USD1,938.88 USD1,225.64

Features: Low cost

Applications: Individual workshops

Output: About 40 pieces/day


1. Vacuum pump saved: the new OCA/POL Laminator has a built-in vacuum pump.

2. New laminating and bubble removing machine: complete LCD laminating and bubble removing within one press. Easy parameter settings and operations, you just need to plug the power, press the buttons, and then the machine is ready to work for you. Really all in one lamination.

Economic Solution

Machines: 8 pcs 7pcs Electronic Heating Platform, 

3 in 1 Pre-heating, LCD Separator and Bezel Disassemble Machine, Manual LCD Glue Removing Machine, Manual OCA/POL Film Laminator - Vacuum Version Type 3, Vacuum Glass Laminating and Bubble Removing Machine, Bezel Assemble Machine - Type 2, Air Compressor - 30L

Weight: 213KG 133KG

Amount: USD3,084.65 USD1,612.64

Features: High-cost performance

Applications: Small factories

Output: 120 pieces/day


1. Semi-auto LCD Separator saved: the new 3 in 1 bezel disassemble machine is durable and makes work faster, it can be used for Heating plate, LCD separating and bezel disassembling.

2. New glue removing machine: saves time and efforts with its easy-operation handle. Its built-in vacuum pump and smart temperature system provide stronger suction to mobile phone screens and accurate temperature control.

3. New OCA/POL Laminator: has a vacuum bump built in. With simple structure and do not need any molds. more convenient and easier to operate. Suitable for all mobile phones.

4. New LCD laminating and bubble removing machine: complete LCD laminating and bubble removing within one press.

Professional Solution

Machines: 12pcs 8pcs Electronic Heating Platform, Manual LCD Separator - Vacuum Version(Vacuum Pump built-in) - Type 3, Manual LCD Glue Removing Machine, Manual OCA/POL Film Laminator - Mold Version Type 1, Vacuum Glass Laminating Machine - Flatbed Style, Bubble Removing Autoclave - Big, Bezel Assemble Machine - Type 2, Air Compressor - 30L

Weight: 376KG 265KG

Amount: USD8,072 USD3,634.14

Features: High efficiency

Applications: Mass production factories

Output: About 500 pieces/day


1. New manual LCD separator: built-in vacuum pump, better performance and physical appearance.

2. New glue removing machine: save you much time and freight with higher efficiency and lighter weight, which has no damage to the LCD touchscreen, and is easy to operate.

3. New OCA/POL film Laminator: makes it more applicable for mass production. It also more precision and easier operation.

4. New bubble removing autoclave: its door is much easier to lock compared with the previous one. And it is equipped with an automatic cooling system to cool itself down after the process complete.

5. Bezel glue dispensing machine: as there is hardly front bezel without glue in the market, we seldom use a bezel glue dispensing machine, It’s high time for you to remove it from our purchasing list.

6. One Air Compressor saved.

7. Vacuum Pump saved.

What’s more, We offer you online operating videos free for all the machines. It offers specific operation procedures step by step with English subtitle. Online technical supports are available if any requirements. All the machines will be tested before shipping through visual inspection, function inspection and machine parameters preset.

If this is not enough for you, just contact our sales or technicians. We also have other customized solutions for you.

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