5 in 1 Integrated Rework Station

Blake Dec 21, 2018

Sharp tools make good work. For mobile phone logic board repairing engineers, advanced know-how and repairing skills are required. A set of repairing tools, like hot air gun, soldering iron and DC power supply , are also a must-have. Today, we will share with you a 5 in 1 Integrated Rework Station suitable for motherboard repair of mobile phones, computers, etc. Featuring fast heating-up and precise temperature control, the rework station can help you with maintenance efficiency for an enjoyable repair career.


Size: 200*396*335mm

Weight: 3.8kg

This is 5 in 1 tool for logic board repairing , including Helical wind hot air gun, vertical wind hot air gun, soldering iron and DC power supply, stable and space saving. The 4 part is integrated with a metal mount rack. And each of them can work separately.

Digital Helical Wind Hot Air Gun

This digital helical wind hot air gun is used for soldering and desoldering of electronic components, especially rather big ones like connectors, CPU, baseband CPU and WIFI IC etc..

LED display, shows precise and real-time temperature.

Large and soft airflow, low noise.

Adjust temperature easily. Magnetic switch handle, automatic into standby mode when putting back to the holder.

Automatic cool air to protect the heating element and handle.

Preset temperature unit of Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C), meet the reading habit of people around the world.

Screen-touch Vertical Wind Hot Air Gun

This straight wind hot air gun can be used for soldering&desoldering of different electronic components.

Applied with touchscreen, makes convenient temperature and airflow an adjusting.

3 preset temperature and airflow storage channels, quick start with only one click at one of the preset channel regarding to different demands.

Preset temperature unit of Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C), meets the reading habit of people around the world.

Large power and large airflow, raise up temperature quickly. 

Precise and constant temperature.

Automatic cool-off system prolongs the lifespan of the heating element and the handle.

2 in 1 Soldering Iron Station

2 soldering iron handles with respective power switches, save your time for changing tips.

CH 1/2/3 preset temperature storage. Temperature heats up quickly.

Automatic sleep function, adjustable sleep time.

Automatic turn off system, adjustable off time.

DC Power Supply

High load and low noise.

Perfect short-circuit protection and over-current protection.

5V 2A USB output, suitable for mobile phone and tablet charging, and displays charging current.

0-5V and 0-15V voltage settings are available, which makes for safety repairing when diagnosing a mobile phone.

3A and 0.5A current settings are available, which makes for precise current value reading for different situations.

Installation tutorial:

1. Place the 4 machines in the position as shown in the picture.

2. Secure the right and left bracket on the top cover

3. Secure the rear bracket to the top cover

4. Install the multimeter rack to the right side

5. DS880-1 power cable is the power input. Plug the SD938D-1 power cable into DS1503 socket, DS1503 power cable into DS868D-1 socket, DS868D-1 into DS880-1 socket.

Apply this all in one weapon to your repair. Enjoy all the advantages of each machine separately, And save your space&improve your repairing efficiency at the same time.

Messy or Ordered

Now, click to watch the video review of 5 in 1 Integrated Rework Station.

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