iPad Air Ghost Touch? - Why and How

Blake Mar 03, 2017

You may have observed that your iPad has been acting strangely, especially if you have replaced the iPad screen recently. Similarly, this is also a headache for many repair shops. For S+ grade iPad Air touch screen digitizer, iPad ghost touch is a problem occurs quite often as follow, touch function works well before assembling, but some malfunctions spring up after assembled, like screen flicking and unstable touch. How to solve this problem? Here we have the reason and solution.


What causes the ghost touch on your iPad devices? There is a layer of electronic circuit exposed on the surface of S+ grade iPad Air touch screen digitizer, and also a layer of conductive adhesive tape stuck along the four sides of LCD display. When installing the touch screen digitizer to the LCD, it will cause short-circuit, which acted as screen flicking and unstable touch.

For the OEM touch screen digitizer, however, there is a piece of film covered on the surface, thus it will avoid the occurring of the above problems.


The solutions to this problem are quite easy. 1. Paste tape on the four sides of the iPad digitizer to protect the exposed electronic circuit from touching the conductive adhesive directly. Please take care of the flex cable when pasting.

2. Paste a layer of foam on the four sides of the LCD display to avoid direct contact between the LCD display and digitizer touch screen.

If you experience ghost touching on your iPad Air, it would be better to take it to a repair shop. For our customers, REWA offers iPad touch screen digitizers in different quality levels, moreover, tape pasting service is available.

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