Massive Production and Pro Inspection for iPhone Aftermarket Batteries - REWA Battery Project (II)

Blake Nov 23, 2016

In the previous blog: What Should A Qualified Battery Actually Be , REWA explained when should a battery be replaced and what standards we applied towards battery replacements. Now we will demonstrate the detailed production process and test procedures. Top quality batteries come from excellent materials, advanced automation equipment, and strict inspection&test standards. In the top-level factories, phone battery is usually carried out on highly automated equipment, with top quality materials applied. However there are still many smaller manufacturers who use manual assemble methods or poor materials, that is why the batteries in the market vary greatly. What should a complete battery production process be?

Production Process

Battery appearance inspection is a common but easy way to inspect your phone batteries, but it does not always work, lacking precise values and results. Some battery failures are not so easy to spot with naked eyes. However, the strict test is necessary for the lithium batteries to ensure safety and quality. Here we will demonstrate the professional and complete test procedures. The test can be divided into three parts: Appearance Inspection, Basic Performance Test and Physical Performance Test.

Appearance Inspection

Appearance Inspection: breakage, paint loss, crack, corrosion, labeled data

Basic Test Methods and Procedures

Physical Performance Test Procedures Further physical performance tests are conducted in the extreme situations, so as to verify if the battery will bend, deform, fire and explode in the different simulative environments.

1. Low-Pressure High Altitude Simulation Test This procedure is to test the air transportation safety performance of the battery at a pressure under 11.6kPa. Result: After 360 minutes, all the samples perform normally, no fire or explosion. /The samples do not explode or catch fire.

2. Temp. & Humi. Test This test is to verify the temperature adaptability of battery, processed at an extreme temperature of 72±2℃ and -40±2℃. Batteries are stored for 6 hours at 72±2℃, then 6 hours at -40±2℃, for a total of 10 cycles. Result: After 10 cycles, all the samples perform normally. No bulge, fire or explosion./ The samples do not explode or catch fire

3. Vibration Test Vibration test is used to verify the battery anti-vibration performance during the transportation and usage. The test is a Sine Sweep: 7Hz – 200Hz, 15 min/sweep, 12 times, 3 hours in total Result: All the samples perform normally

4. Capacity Test This is to test the actual capacity of the battery Result: OEM is the top performer. AAA Grade and A Grade come second, and the values are very close. B grade batteries are much worse than the above 3 kinds.

5. Impact Test Impact test simulates the impacting and hitting of the battery. Apply 561.5cm/s2 acceleration impact to the battery to test if it will be crushed or distorted when overload. Result: B grade batteries have problems of bend and deformation. Other samples perform normally.

6. External Short Circuit Test This test simulates an external short circuit to the terminals of the cell or battery. When the temperature goes up to 55℃, turn on the switch to make it short circuit, then check the battery to see if it will explode. Result: After 2 hours standing, all the samples perform normally. No fire or explosion. /The samples do not explode or catch fire.

7. Drop Test The drop test is operated at a height of 1.2 meters to test the battery hardness and anti-deformation capability. Result: B grade batteries have problems of bend and deformation. Other samples perform normally.

8. Crush Test Each battery is applied with a crushing force of 1.3kN for 0.1s. After 30 minutes, check the battery to see if it will fire, explode or deform. Result: All the samples perform normally.

9. Thermal Abuse Test The purpose of abuse testing is to verify that the battery is not a danger to the user either by accidental or deliberate thermal abuse under any conceivable conditions of use. After the temperature rise for 26 minutes, hold at 130℃ for 10 minutes, check the battery to see if it will fire or explode Result: All the batteries have the problem of bulging, no fire or explosion

10. Burning Test The purpose of this procedure is to test the safety performance of the battery. Put the battery into the machine, ignite it to test if the battery will explode and if the ashes are in clumps. Result: After 30 minutes, batteries burned completely, no explosion, with clumpy ashes left

Every battery from REWA has to pass through rigorous basic performance and physical performance test, and only qualified products can be delivered to the warehouse. This is to ensure every battery you get is superior, safe and reliable.


Our business has been founded on the belief “Quality Above ALL” for years. The batteries from REWA passed a series of international authoritative certifications, such as UL, CE, FCC etc..

From all the above test results and analysis, we can draw a conclusion that OEM, AAA and A grade batteries are much better and safer than the B grade. Now that there is a shortage of OEM batteries, the cost-effective AAA and A grade batteries undoubtedly become your first choice.Every battery from REWA has been rigorously tested. Our QC and technical team can offer the right solutions for your needs and advise the best but economical battery replacements. If you have any questions and demands, please feel free to contact us.

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