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Blake Jul 03, 2016

The visual appearance of OCA Optical Clear Adhesive The brief introduction to OCA adhesive glue:

1) So far in the cell phone repair and refurbish industry and consumable material market, there are the different type of OCA glues custom made for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony flagship models.

2) OCA optical clear adhesive film is also one of the important raw materials for mobile phone touch screen.

3) The OCA Tape is a highly-specialized film that offers excellent clarity, light transmitting and adhesion to a wide variety of transparent substrates. OCA Optical Adhesives are usually applied in transparent applications, such as in smartphone and tablet PC LCD displays, touch panels and other devices requiring an optically clear bond.

4) These OCA Clear Adhesive Films perfectly fit with your device and need no cutting before applying such as LG G2, G3, G4, Motorola Moto G2, G3, G, Sony Z4, Z5, Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge and so forth.

5) We highly recommend professional installation. We won’t be responsible for any damages to your cellphone/mobile phone that you may cause during the replacement for your defective phones.

6) Easy to remove with no glue residue by using the special OCA Adhesive Remover. Next let’s get a more comprehensive understanding and view of the OCA Adhesive Glue in the aspect of dimensions, property and function of different manufacturers which are Mitsubishi OCA and China Made OCA.

OCA Structure

Size Inspection

creases and so on compared with Mitsubishi OCAs.

Function Test

1) Light Transmittance Test The value of visible light test should greater than 90 in terms of qualified OCA glue.

Mitsubishi 250um                 China Made 250um

2) Release Film Test Stick the corner of the OCA protective film with easy peel/tear label to see if it can rip off easily. Mitsubishi OCA outperforms China Made in the test.

China Made 250um              

 Mitsubishi 250um 3) Adhesion Test Stick the OCA Optical Clear Adhesive film to one clean cell phone outer glass lens to test if it has strong stickiness and is easy to tear up after fitting.

4) Laminating Test In the course of LCD screen display laminating and outer screen glass laminating process we can easily check if the OCA can be easily laminated. There is no obvious difference between Mitsubishi OCA and China Made OCA in the effect of Laminating.

5) Bubble Removing Test After 10 minutes bubble removing process, check the two type of phone screens. Both the Mitsubishi and China Made OCA are in good condition.

6) Bubble Returning Test After a period of time, check the OCA to see if it has air bubbles in it. The China Made ones sometimes have small air bubbles on both sides of LCD assembly.

7) Repair Test Separate the LCD display with the machine, then tear up the OCA glue manually to see if it can be removed easily. Mitsubishi OCA can be torn off completely by hand, while China Made OCA can not.

From the test we can draw a general conclusion: Mitsubishi OCA is better than the China Made ones in term of quality . Until now, I'm afraid you some understanding about OCA film. If you still have any other questions or are looking for iPhone OCA film, iPhone replacement parts, please feel free to contact us via service@rewa.tech or visit the website at shop.rewa.tech . And you can also check our repair guides:

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